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We are pedaling for you! 🚀

To provide the best user experience possible, Bikeflip is initially not available worldwide. But no worries, we are working hard to come to your area soon. Subscribe to get notified.

What is Bikeflip?

Bikeflip is the easiest way to buy and sell bikes or components online. As a marketplace, Bikeflip connects buyers and sellers in a simple way. Say goodbye to searching for hours on unspecific marketplace or forums. Bikeflip is intuitive, mobile friendly and built by riders for riders!

Why are you seeing this page?

Building a community is hard work, but a strong community of passionate bikers will be the backbone of Bikeflip. That's why we launched Bikeflip only in Germany, Austria and Italy for the beginning. However, we are aiming to expand to other countries soon.

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Bring Bikeflip to your Area!

You think Bikeflip is needed in your country? Let us know!

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